episode 24 of the Slow Living Podcast: Labels — the Good, Bad, and the Ugly

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I am so happy and excited to share this episode with you. I answer a listener/reader question from Jenny B. who called in and asked about whether or not being labeled as SHY at a young age set her up for a lifetime BEING shy —
did getting labeled “turn” her shy?
Listen in as I share my thoughts about how labels are not Black or White —
I hope you enjoy this episode — and AS ALWAYS — if you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email or tag me @stephanieodea on Instagram or Facebook or record a voicemail question.
I hope you enjoy this episode!!

after listening you will:

?? learn how to tame the thoughts you have in your head that are self-defeating

?? listen in as I answer Jenny’s question about how to keep Labels off of our children

?? hear my ideas on how labels are merely a shortcut for our brains
 ?? begin to shift your perspective on why it’s okay to challenge your deep & rooted labels from childhood
 ?? learn how to make new labels and how to choose those that serve you
 ?? hear how you need to Move into AND LAND
?? listen in as I explain a super powerful journaling exercise to figure out whether or not the labels you have assigned to yourself are helpful or not
Are You Ready to UpLevel Your Life?
? Only you know if you wake up each morning with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.
 ? Only you know if you are happy and fulfilled and feel as if you are living out your best life.
? We, as women, are fantastic at “faking it” — we will dress the part and say the words and model good behavior for our children —
but it’s not fun to go through life feeling as if you are a “faker.”
I can help you.
I have a few openings in my schedule each week for free no-strings-attached coaching calls.
I absolutely LOVE these calls — if you ever wanted to know what coaching feels like or if you have a secret hunch that you somehow must be “missing something” — then having another set of eyes on your brain is extremely valuable.
It’s time to take action. You can’t get to where you want to go unless you take steps in the right direction.

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