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Hi there Slow Down Society, and happy Tuesday —
I hope you are doing well.
I am writing this on Monday night — and it’s a Monday night of a 3-day weekend.
ALL weekends should be 3 days!
It’s amazing to have so much time to get all the things done I want to!
It’s little things like this — the taste of retirement — that makes me think an awful lot about finances and why I’m so interested in long term goal planning and setting.
And this is what this week’s podcast is all about.
Some people think it’s not polite to talk about money in mixed company — but the good news is, I like you people.
and I consider you my friends.
I’ve been working for myself in some capacity or another since 2006 and I’ve been in the online space since 2008.
A lot of the advice you hear online is utter nonsense.
In this episode you will hear what I REALLY think about money, wealth, flashiness, and what numbers are important to pay attention to and what you can dismiss as vanity.
In this episode I share how to shift your mindset from saving and scrimping to investing and growing your money

after listening you will:

? learn that true millionaires don’t look like rock stars or act super show-offy

? discover how your time is better spent finding new ways to make money rather than find ways to trim your expenses

? learn which books I recommend to all of my coaching clients for financial literacy
? why knowing your FIRE number can give you both peace of mind and a push to take action
? hear the advice that I gave to Janet from Pennsylvania about living below the poverty line and what that means for her future
? get the URL for the Family Budget calculator so you can see the averages in your zip code
Sometimes people gloss over all that they have in their lives because they are too busy chasing a certain number or business or financial milestone. Since I’ve been at this so long, I have seen this happen firsthand.
I have seen “influencers” in the online space lose their homes, lose their spouses, and lose their families because they were chasing more and more –
I don’t believe in any of that. This is why I’m so passionate about designing out your Dream Life — and doing it Slowly, and it’s what I teach in Simple Shortcuts to Peace.
You are fully able to live out the Life of Your Dreams — the life where ALL OF THE THINGS work — your relationships, your finances, your health — all of it.
If you are ready to join Simple Shortcuts to Peace, you can read all about it, here. If you’d like more one-on-one attention and a game plan designed exactly for you and you alone, apply for coaching, here.
If you’d like a taste of what coaching with me would be like, reach out and schedule a no-cost call. I am here to help.
lots of love to you. I think you are WONDERFUL.
xoxo steph


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