Taking Stock of the Here and Now — episode 12 of the Slow Living Podcast

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Hi there Slow Down Society —I hope you are doing well. January 2022 We are in a BRAND. NEW. YEAR. Just like that. And in a brand new year, it is time for some major reflection. How’re you doing?

Are you on the right path?

Do you need some help?

I hope this year brings you everything you wish it will. If I can be of help to you in any way, please let me know.   We started the New Year off with a trip to the snow.
On the way, we stopped at a rest-stop, and stuck to the wall of the women’s restroom was this decal:


it’s such a simple sentiment — but I’ve always believed that the simpler things are, the better. It was such a lovely reminder and came at a very fitting time as I was trying to come up with a ‘theme’ for 2022. ?

We arrived to the cabin and there was a LOT OF SNOW. now before you email me and tell me that I haven’t seen “real snow” — I’m going to quickly agree with you.

I’m a super wussy Californian who lives in the suburbs of the Bay Area and flips the heater on when it dips below 66 in the house.

I know. I get it. You are much stronger and tougher and amazinger than me.

That said, it was more snow than this area had seen in a dozen or so years. Sheldon was super helpful in “plowing” a a pathway to the front door for us, and then he spent the rest of the day napping in front of the fire. We were able to get the kids ski lessons (first time for any of them on skis!) where I safely watched from a far distance because even the *thought* of skiing hurts my knee and hip.


We woke up on Day 2 to even more snow — and the cable and wifi were down.

We stayed inside all day and read and played board games and built a snowman on the deck.

I couldn’t have planned for a more perfect day — we were all inside, together, cozy & warm, and completely unplugged.

It was heavenly and I cherished every bitty second of it.

I talk about Slowing Down a lot. Sometimes I think when you hear things too often they lose a bit of meaning –you (me. I. ) kind of nod our heads and go “yeah yeah, I get it.”

But really. Stop. Take a deep breath and pause.

There is so very much to be thankful for and in many ways it’s the unplanned and simple things that make life sparkle. I am truly thankful that you are here, and are reading my words.

Most of you I have never ever met, nor will I — but I can see your name and your email in my computer and I say a tiny little prayer of thanks that you are somehow connected to me. I truly truly hope and wish that your 2022 is filled with your heart’s desire.

The 12th episode of the Slow Living podcast got released this past week.

In this particular podcast episode I share the exact questions that I ask my coaching clients to answer for themselves when they are ready to map out their dream life. This exercise can be done at any time — but a New Year is a great time to do some self-reflection and really try to pay attention to where you are headed so you don’t end up running in circles on the metaphoric hamster wheel of life.


Take a listen in your favorite podcast app, or online. [P.S.: if you would like the PDF of questions, you can access it, here]


I rang in New Year’s at midnight with Topo Chico and vision-board-making. Sheldon wasn’t super impressed that we were up so late.If you made a vision board for yourself, shoot me an email and let me know! It really is one of my most favorite New Year’s Traditions.


We most certainly ate a ton of Black Eyed Peas yesterday — but if you haven’t been able to get to the store and want a recap of the recipes, here you go.

Black Eyed Peas (when I capitalize the letters like that it looks like I’m talking about the band. whatever. I like them, too…)

are supposed to be symbolic for wealth & prosperity if you eat them during the New Year — and I’m sure we can all agree that more of this in 2022 is welcome with open arms!

(also, as previously mentioned in episode #11 of the Slow Living podcast — my “woo” method is to try anything and everything and see what sticks!) 😉 Okay! That is it for me for this Sunday. Consider yourself loved and hugged.
I think you’re wonderful. xoxo steph   store ~ podcast ~ coaching


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