New Year’s Resolutions: Nay or Yay? episode 13 of the Slow Living Podcast

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January 2022
It is the first week of January — and for many of us (probably most of us) yesterday, Monday, was when our self-prescribed New Year’s Resolutions began, to coincide with the beginning of the work & school week.

OKAY. Deep breath.

How are you doing?

no, really? how are you doing?

It’s no secret that I whole-heartedly embrace and LOVE all things Resolution and Goal Setting —

in fact, I’m always a bit wary when I hear that a friend or colleague “doesn’t believe in New Year Resolutions” —

because I believe in order to live a fulfilling life there is a component of growth and personal evolution and I am still in a state of perfecting and tweaking — I’m not ready to be done, yet!!

How about you?

what are your thoughts?

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Episode# 13New Year’s Resolutions — Yay or Nay?

In this episode I share how to make goals and resolutions that are aligned with your Purpose and Vision for yourself —

making arbitrary “rules” for yourself don’t work — and if that is how you created resolutions in the past, it’s not your fault that they failed.

the only way to make lasting change is to go within and change your habits and your actions in a thoughtful and methodical way that align with your inner belief system.

In this episode you will:

? receive a permission slip to put your OWN needs/wants/desires first and foremost — even if you’ve got young kids in the house or a demanding job

? learn what it means to PROM (declutter) old beliefs and self-doubt

? hear my advice to Sarah, who called in asking how to get her health goals to stick, once and for all, so she can discontinue or modify her current medication

? get an invitation to a free coaching call
? learn how to “habit stack” and the importance of 30 day short term goals

I hope you can get a bit of inspiration out of this episode and that this new calendar year brings you all of the things that you’ve always wished for in life.

lots of love to you. I think you are WONDERFUL.

xoxo steph

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