Episode 10 — Planning out Your Dream

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Hi there Slow Down Society, I hope you are doing well. I have a question for you today: Are you living your Dream Life? If not, why not??


In this episode I chat about how I have planned out my life in 5 year chunks starting at about age 20 —

and how, somehow, even if it doesn’t really “make sense” — everything I’ve always planned out has come true.

learn how in one of my 5 year chunks of planning out my life we went from being in debt to buying our first suburban home and essentially becoming self-made millionaires by age 30.

listen how one of my dreams was to stay home with my children and how a high-profile court case pushed that dream into fruition — even though “on paper” — quitting my well-paid county job didn’t make any sense?

~~ ~~ ~~

does this mean that everything has always been sunshine and roses and sparkly unicorns??

No. Life is always unpredictable and has twists and turns and forks in the road. Bad things happen. Sickness happens, death happens, natural disasters happen.

but that doesn’t mean you give up on your plan.

I hope you enjoy this episode and it sparks your own internal flame to get your own dream life mapped out.

lots of love to you. I think you’re wonderful.

xoox steph   ??  ??  ??   Episode# 10Planning the Dream — Mapping Out Your 5 Year Plan

As I’ve shared before — I truly do feel insanely wonderfully lucky and blessed that I am living out *MY* version of the American Dream.

? In this episode, I share how I have always planned out my life in 5 year chunks and how I have found a way to make the things I’ve hoped and dreamed and wished and prayed for come true.

? It doesn’t always happen exactly as planned (scratch that. It NEVER happens exactly as planned….) but the dream somehow still comes to fruition (it fruitifies? hmm. not sure that is a word. whatever).

? In this episode I share ideas and tips that you can use to plan out your OWN version of The American (or Canadian, or Norwegian, etc) dream —

? and please always always always know and remember that it doesn’t matter how old/young you are.


It’s not too late, and you are not behind. Take a listen in your favorite podcast app, or online.



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