Write On / Wipe Off Chore Charts

It’s 2012. I’ve spent the last four years of my life on the internet, and I love how I continue to learn new things. I developed a slight addiction to Pinterest over the holiday break (what? it was only supposed to last a week and I stretched it into a month? shhh. don’t tell anyone.) and learned that you can make ANYTHING into a white board with a cheap dollar store picture frame and a dry erase marker.

I think I’m in love.

The above frames were made in about 37 minutes. It took me a while to figure out the actual dimensions of the frame– 8 x 10 means that if you’re using a power point presentation you should size your project for 6.6 x 9.

You’re Welcome!

Another Thing to Note:  the glass at the dollar store breaks really, really easily. I broke the glass on each of these frames, and ended up going out into the shed to find old pictures to steal the glass (one might of been from Adam and his college friends. oops.). I’d maybe find cheapish frames at Kohl’s or Target that match instead.

My kids don’t seem to care that I’ve written a housekeeping journal/planner, or have developed a clever acronym for decluttering. They also don’t care that I get thank you notes every day in my email box which continues to perplex my #butIhelpotherpeoplewhydoesntmyownfamilylisten crazy brain.

it’s okay. I’ve come to terms with it.

Anyhow, I wrapped these chore charts up and handed them to my 7 and 10-year-old daughters (their names are on the charts, but I’ve covered them with tape because I’ve promised Adam I won’t exploit the kids on the internet) as New Year’s presents.

My 10 year old rolled her eyes, but my 7-year-old was uber excited and got to work checking things off her list immediately. If you’re looking for a guideline for age-appropriate chores, this list is a good one. Our picture frame chore charts have now been in action for exactly one week, and so far so good.

it’ll be a good year. I promise.

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  1. What a wonderful idea!

    I saw another interesting check-list idea for kids on Pintrest. Basically you make a paper place-mat with a list of things to do in the morning (eat breakfast, brush teeth, feed pet, make bed, pack back-pack, etc.) then have it laminated. You can also make lists on the other side for afternoon/evening. (homework, set table, put away dishes, bath, brush teeth, etc.) Easy & fun to personalize for each kid, if you have more than one. 😀

  2. One thing I’ve been using as a whiteboard-style chore chart is a plastic/vinyl page protector. Just print the chart, slip in the plastic sleeve and hang on the fridge w/ magnets. It’s light weight and won’t break. I have even used these protectors when I’ve broken the glass in picture frames and don’t want to buy more…just slip photos in acid free plastic protectors and trim to fit your frame.
    These are adorable btw!

  3. wow, Sarah, what a great idea! I have a few frames in the garage in a box with no glass–I LOVE the idea to use sheet protectors! thank you!

  4. We use dry erase markers on our refrigerator. 🙂 When it gets difficult to clean off, I use rubbing alcohol.

  5. I made these last year however I just laminated them (had the supplies already) and they have worked great. My eight year old loves her and the 12 year old will follow it but refuses to check it off, sigh the joys of tweens.

  6. LOL. I have a 12-year-old who crosses out her list and then writes in her own, which is startlingly similar to the one already printed out…
    I figure I’m getting more use out of my Lamaze Breathing now than I ever did in labor!

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