New York Times bestselling author, slow cooking expert and mommy blogger next door
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The Mommy Blogger Next Door:

Real Moms Making Real Money, Blogging At Home, In Their Pajamas

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Stephanie O'Dea

In 2008, I was determined to figure out a "legitimate way" to earn a living while staying home full-time with my children. I decided to write online about one of my favorite things: the Crock-Pot Slow Cooker. This simple idea has since turned into a highly successful website, New York Times best-selling cookbooks, numerous television appearances, and a bonafide career. But the very best part is that I can do it all from home, in my fuzzy slippers, while caring for my three children.

Hear what people are saying:

"I've met MANY bloggers in the past 7 years and I've seen few that "blog fame" didn't change who I thought they were. Stephanie is as humble, trustworthy and kind as the day I met her online. She is one of the most successful bloggers I know who is all about helping others along the way. This book will motivate you, make you tear up and give you the real skinny on carving out a space that works for you in the big internet world! Not only will you connect with Stephanie, but you'll find her advice trustworthy and sound with a clear direction to start your new career."

– Kim Demmon, Today's Creative Blog

"In this ebook, Stephanie O'Dea shares her inspiring story of how she got her start in blogging and built her highly-successful blog without spending any money out of pocket to do so. Her practical advice and spot-on tips will give you the confidence and tools you need to start your own mommy blog."

– Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom