New York Times bestselling author, slow cooking expert and mommy blogger next door
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If you wish to contact me, please use the form below or email me directly at contact @

Media Requests

Media Contact: contact @  please use subject line: Media Request so your email is flagged right away.

Work With Me

Please email for an up-to-date media kit that lists site stats and how to work with me.


I like to talk! I am available to talk about slow cooking, housekeeping shortcuts, how to get your kids to do chores, how to get your husband to do chores (kidding. but not really. ;-0), meal planning, making money at home in your pajamas, and going gluten free without going crazy. Here is my speaker’s page. If you’d like to have me come speak, please email me to work out details.


If you’d like to advertise on the site, I’d love to have you! Please email for a full media kit and site stats. The combined sites reach over 5 million individual people annually (primarily women), and receive over 750k page impressions monthly.  I am happy to work with companies in a mutually beneficial way.

Slow cooker questions

If you have slow cooker questions, the very best way to get a timely answer is to read the comment section under the individual recipe, or ask me on twitter or facebook. If you post an open question to the facebook timeline, you will get even more answers!

in the meantime, many of your questions may be answered in the following two posts:

Frequently Asked A Year of Slow Cooking Questions

Frequently Asked A Year of Slow Cooking Questions, Part II

Stuff About Money and Blogging Questions

I started this whole venture really as a way to prove to myself (and my husband) that I could “make something from nothing”— this is why the slow cooker site still has the “blogspot” in the URL— that was a conscious decision, not an accident! You can read more about monetizing your website/blog beginning at The Mommy Blogger Next Door. 

Social Media

The fastest way to get a hold of me is on facebook or twitter. I try my hardest to get questions answered as soon as I see them.


I work from home with three (very! active!) children in the house, and although I do try my hardest to answer my email in a timely fashion, sometimes life gets in the way and correspondence  falls through the cracks. I’m sorry. Once a month, I clear out my inbox. If you wrote to me and I haven’t written back within a month, you might want to try again— thank you for your understanding.

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