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$500 GiftCard GiveAway from Peapod Grocery Delivery

Friday, December 5th, 2014 by Stephanie O'Dea

How Slow Cooking Helps with The American Dream


I just returned from the BlogHer PRO annual conference. And by “return,” I mean that I returned to my coffee-splattered desk at the back of the house and I returned to pajama pants and fuzzy slippers.

But! For TWO WHOLE DAYS I wore “big girl clothes” and “big girl shoes” and made conversation with real actual adults and we didn’t talk about carpool or band practice or whether or not we remembered to move the gosh darn Elf on the Shelf.

It was wonderful.

While I was listening to the speakers, I started thinking about what I do online, and why I am so drawn to slow cooking.

and I sort of had an epiphany. In a teeny tiny miniscule way, I’m sort of helping other people achieve just a tiny slice of The American Dream.

Because I can help get dinner on the table in a quick, efficient, and non-stressful way. And at the end of the day all we really want is to sit around a dinner table with our family (or stand around a crockpot and shovel food in our mouths; whatever) and then turn off our brain and chill.

Am I over-glamorizing the slow cooker? Probably. But hey, this is who I am!

[this is a sponsored post by Peapod]

peapod logo

Choosing What to Out Source

Another big theme at the BlogHer PRO conference was deciding what your worth was, and what was worth your time. The gist was: if it’s not worth your time, outsource.

The tricky thing with outsourcing though, is that in many ways you need to have the funds to hire your outsourcee (is that a word? spell check is mad at me). I hate spending money. That’s why slow cooking is so appealing to me — it forces me to plan ahead, which in turn saves money at the grocery store because I only need to go once a week, and I can shop the circulars.

But in a way, by choosing to slow cook, I’ve sort of already outsourced dinner.

[I know. I’m a bit weird in that I bring everything back to slow cooking. stay with me…..]

There are a few things I won’t outsource. I like to answer my own emails, and I like watching my own kids. But you know what I could outsource?


That weekly grocery store trip.


And so I was THRILLED when I got an email from Peapod telling me about their slow cooker recipe board on Pinterest, and how they were hoping I’d entice all of you to upload your recipes.

Their goal is to create the World’s Largest and Best Slow Cooker Pinterest board —– and as a thank you, they will enter you to win a grand prize of a $500 Peapod delivery gift card.


peapod slow cooker contest

This is it. This is life. We have to get up every morning, and we have to go to work, and we have to make dinner, and we have to do the laundry.

But pushing the shopping cart down the aisle? Eh. Let somebody else do that. Your time is valuable — and SOMEBODY has to sit on the couch with a bag of chips and watch True Tori!

[ps, it’s not real, right? the whole show has GOT to be staged, right?]



Go to Peapod’s facebook page, and follow the directions to upload a photo and recipe link to a favored slow cooker recipe. If it’s from your own site, THAT IS AWESOME, but since this is going straight to Pinterest, it’s perfectly okay to pin something from anywhere on the web.

Next, follow the Peapod Slow Cooker Board.

Each week, Peapod will award FIVE $50 giftcards, and everybody who enters will be entered into a pool to win a grand prize giftcard of $500.


(did you know that when I talk in real life, I say “hashtag” outloud? —– I’m beginning to annoy myself.)


I hope you had a VERY happy Thanksgiving, and thank you so much for playing along!

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