New York Times bestselling author, slow cooking expert and mommy blogger next door
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Stephanie O'Dea


Stephanie O’Dea made a New Year’s Resolution to use her slow cooker every single day in 2008 and write about it online. This simple idea resulted in a highly-trafficked website and four books, one of which spent six weeks on the New York Times best sellers list. Stephanie has appeared on Good Morning America (three times), The Rachael Ray Show (four times), featured in Real Simple Magazine, Woman’s World, and She is a contributing editor to Simply Gluten Free magazine and a recipe contributor to She is currently on television multiple times a day in the Ninja Cooking System infomercial, and is a spokesperson for the product. Further information can be found at


If you have a slow cooking question, or a question about housekeeping shortcuts, the fastest way to receive a response is to find Stephanie online on facebook or twitter.



or the long version:

Thank you for visiting my website. I can’t believe this is my life, and now my job, but somehow, miraculously, it is.

that was a lot of commas.

I used to not use my real name online, and instead used: The CrockPot Lady.

In 2008, I made a New Year’s Resolution to use my slow cooker every single day for a year. Was I nuts? Yes, probably. You can read my initial Resolution post, here, and you can see the entire year, in order, here.

In February of that year, I got gutsy and emailed the Rachael Ray Show. I pretty much broke all internet etiquette rules, and told her that I rocked and that she should have me on her show. So she did. You can read about that experience, here.

When the show aired, I began getting emails from book publishers. In 2009, my first cookbook: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow was printed, and it spent 6 weeks on the NYT best sellers list.

It was awesome.

Since then, I have had another baby  and written another slow cooker cookbook, aptly named: More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow and a household cleaning guide/daily planner for busy moms: Totally Together– Shortcuts to an Organized Life.

My newest slow cooker cookbook is an All Dinners book, called 365 Slow Cooker Suppers. Only 10% of the recipes have appeared on the site — the rest are all new.

Maybe you’ve seen me in the middle of the night in the  Ninja Cooking System infomercial. That was a pretty cool experience, and you can read more about it, here.

I’ve been on Good Morning America three times, and George Stephanopoulos called me a Slow Cooking Expert. And you know what they say —- if George Stephanopoulos calls you an expert, it must be true!

I run three websites: A Year of Slow Cooking, Totally Together Journal, and

We are a gluten free family. All of the recipes on the site and in the cookbooks are completely gluten free. If you aren’t gluten free, simply ignore my notes or file them away in case you ever need to cook for someone with a gluten intolerance/allergy. For a bit more about our glutenfree-edness, click here.

You can subscribe to the sites to be notified whenever I update, here.

This is my online disclosure.

here are some combined site stats:

4 million monthly impressions

75k RSS/email subscribers

6300 twitter followers

31,000 facebook fans

I’m on twitter @stephanieodea and pinterest @stephanieodea

A Year of Slow Cooking was named the #3 most influential food blog in the US by Cision in 2012.

Lisa Irvine hosts my giveaways on the site. Here’s more info on that.  Lisa’s email address for review products and giveaways is Lisa AT

I am available to speak.

Here is my speaker’s page.


Email me if you’d like even more! steph AT