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Enter to Win an Avalon Bay Ice Machine (AB-ICE26)!

May 22nd, 2014 by Stephanie O'Dea

enter to win a new avalon bay ice machine

{please refer to my disclosure policy — this post most likely contains affiliate links. thank you! steph}

This contest is now over. Thank you to all who entered! Our grand prize winner was Nancy! Nancy, check your email!! –steph


Is it Friday yet?


I have a wonderful giveaway for you today. I have a brand new counter-top ice machine by Avalon Bay:  the  Avalon Bay (AB-ICE26) which has turned into one of my newest most favoritest toys.

I live in kind of an old house. It’s not super duper old, but old enough that the kitchen is original, from 1948. The good news is that I really only need outlets in order to cook, so re-doing the kitchen is just not on the list of priorities right now. Paying for braces? Now that’s a priority…

kitchen odea
my dear kitchen with the cabinets that don’t close, I really do love you!


anyhow, since my kitchen isn’t all that modern, the fridge isn’t hooked up to  a water line, and because of that we have no ice. Before the Avalon Bay (AB-ICE26) ice machine, I was buying ice from Walgreens to house in the freezer, but I really (REALLY) hated to give up so much freezer space, and I also really (REALLY) hated how the ice all clumped together in a big hunk.

I have our new ice machine on a tiny little kid-height table at the end of the kitchen counter. This way the kids can fill their own water bottles and glasses, and I don’t have to give up counterspace.

inside of avalon bay ice machine
the cute little ice scoop is my favorite part



I never imagined just how handy this sort of machine can be. It’s about the size of a bread maker, and it only needs an outlet in order to work. All you need to do is pour water into the reservoir (I use water from the Brita canister so I know it’s filtered) and turn it on. You have your first batch of ice in 13 minutes.

Wait. Did you hear that?! THIRTEEN MINUTES. The first batch is small, and it’s probably not enough to fill an entire glass, but it’s ice nonetheless. And this machine continues to make ice every 10 minutes throughout the day and night so you always have a supply of ice on hand.

I really like how portable it is, too. I can see plugging this in during a backyard party so guests can plop fresh ice into their glasses instead of having to rummage around in the cooler. I can also see taking this with you on a camping trip or RV expedition.

If we ever happen to have a home bar or family room that has a bar or something like that (Adam would like a game room one of these days. I think it’s because he started watching Mega Dens on the DIY network…) this would be a super welcome addition.

It’s a very cool machine.

DRAWBACKS:  I do have one drawback — it’s kind of noisy. We have had this ice maker in the house and have used it pretty much non-stop for the past month. I am now used to the sounds, but the first week it was a bit startling to hear it dump the ice every 10 minutes or so.  It also scared the cat.

I’m not sure what the energy drain is — we haven’t had an electrical bill where I can really compare since we are still getting used to this house and I haven’t been running the heat so I can’t really compare the prices.  If we’re out of the house for the whole day I do unplug it, and I usually unplug it at night.

I feel as if the $150 pricetag is fair for what you get — a reliable source of fresh ice without having to rely on your freezer or bagged ice.

If you’d like to purchase one of your very own, it is available online at Amazon and at other bigbox retailers.


Air & Water has graciously agreed to give a brand new ice machine away to one of you!

To enter, simply leave a comment below, and I will randomly select a winner of a Brand New Air & Water Avalon Bay Ice Machine (AB-ICE26)!

Additional entries may be garnered by:

Sending out a Tweet

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Pinning this contest

and if you aren’t already following me on all the stuff, you should! And sign up for newsletters! :-)

 make sure to add more comments if you did the “extras” so I can be sure to count you in the entries. You’ve got up to 5 chances to win!! 


A winner will be randomly selected and notified via email on Friday, May 30 at 5pm Pacific.


good luck to all, and have a happy weekend! — steph



347 Responses to “Enter to Win an Avalon Bay Ice Machine (AB-ICE26)!”

  1. With a family of 7 this would be great to have and since we don’t have a ice maker. Thanks for the chance

  2. That is great sure could use that

  3. Wow, you have sold me on this little ice machine. The put into ice cube trays and wait forever is well, over!
    13 minutes!!

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  6. WOW that would be awesome for an outdoor party!

  7. I have no icemaker in my home. Not that I mind or have a desire to have one. Isn’t me WEIRD? :) Would be nice if I win or have this cute mini icemaker so I can have all the crushed ice I deisire (perfect for summertime use).

  8. I really, really, really want this for our office. We are 3 floors away from the only ice machine. Sure, we’ll miss the three flights of stairs walk if we win, but we’ll be drinking more water – a more than fair trade-off.

  9. This would be really neat.

  10. what a cute and portable machine. this would be great when outdoors for the day. thx for the oppty to win it!

  11. I liked the Avalon FB page

  12. I retweeted your tweet :)

  13. I subscribe to your emails :)

  14. I followed a link for slow cooker tamale pie recipe and just love your site. It’s just been one of those days already and I wanted something easy to prepare for supper. A friend of mine has one of these and I’ve wanted one ever since. Thanks for the opportunity and all the great info on this site. : )

  15. I love your emails and I could really use an icemaker!

  16. This ice machine would be fantastic at our house through the long, hot, humid summer. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  17. I would love to win. I love ice

  18. I love the idea of this machine, fingers crossed!

  19. This would be perfect for our house here in Florida…we can never have enough ice on hand during the summer for drinks.

  20. would love to win this. We use lots of ice.

  21. ooohh..I’d love to win this. I live in the South, and we use a LOT of ice.

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  24. Annd I’m following you, too!

  25. I follow you

  26. Liked Avalon Bay on FB

  27. I would love to have this for my Basement Bar

  28. Surw would love to win ..that is really nice …

  29. I could really use this. We dont have an icemaker hooked up in our fridge either. 100 yr old houses had no good extra plumbing lines.

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  34. We are always running out of ice. This would come in so handy and it is so decorative! I have pinned it here and I follow you on twitter as mindybotel

  35. This is really neat! I’ve never seen or hears of these. Kinda sucks that it’s noisey but like you said, I’m sure you get use to it. Our ice maker sucks so this would be really awesome to have! Thanks!

  36. I would flip out if I won this!!! We buy ice everyday to keep up on the ice usage here. I would be so thrilled to own one of these. Thank you for the review on this. I think this might be something we really need!!

  37. This would be awesome to win~thanks so much!

  38. I like the Avalon Bay facebook page Deb S

  39. What a great idea, just in time for summer!

  40. Can anyone say PARTY, phew, can you imagine the parties we can have without having to worry about “who”s going to go get the ice” when we run out. Now no one will have to leave the party, there would be plenty on hand. I also Loved(Liked) the facebook page

  41. Being on a fixed income with 3 kids this Avalon Bay Ice Machine would save quite a bit on ice and we sure could use the extra savings