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Happy 2013! The daily giveaways are over. I know, I’m sad too.

January 7th, 2013 by Stephanie O'Dea

Happy Twenty Thirteen!

Is that how we’re supposed to say it?  It seems weird to say the word twenty first.


Thank you SO much to Lisa for hosting the daily giveaways during the fall of 2012 to help with your Holiday shopping list, and to all of you for playing along at home. We have suspended the daily giveaways for now, but will let you know when we start hosting giveaways again. It won’t be daily until the fall, but I will have sporadic stuff here and there. You can subscribe to the mailing list so you’ll never miss a giveaway by clicking here.

Have an absolutely wonderful New Year filled with lots of joy, happiness, and love.


One Response to “Happy 2013! The daily giveaways are over. I know, I’m sad too.”

  1. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN, or get one of these slow cookers. I have an old slow cooker, it’s about 25 yrs old..The lid was melted, one of the handles is gone, and the dial nob is broke.I have to use a dish towel to turn it on..IS THERE AN INFORMERCIAL ON THIS PRODUCT??…I seen this cooker in a magazine..I’ve heard nothing but good reports, on the NINJA BLENDER..Any information on this cooker, would be greatly appreciated..Thankyou.

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