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Ninja Cooking System Giveaway (and Happy Ninjember!)

November 1st, 2012 by Stephanie O'Dea


This contest is now over, and the winner has been notified.  Thank you to all who entered. More Ninjas are on the way — but in the mean time, keep an eye on the storefront; we’re about to have a new offer available! :-) happy slow cooking! steph



I had the grand idea of posting daily recipes in October in honor of Crocktober the way I’ve done in the past, but failed miserably. So since we’re in a brand new month, I’ve decided we need to rename November to NINJEMBER. (insert HI- YAH noise and karate chop) (wait, is that insensitive to Ninjas?) (if, so, disregard.)

I’m probably still not going to post daily recipes because let’s face it —- just how many variations of beef stew can I possibly come up with? But! I’ve got a brand new Ninja Cooking System for you today. I’ll keep this contest running for a good two weeks, and will close it on Wednesday, November 14th at 8pm pacific.

The Ninja Cooking System rocks. You can read my entire review, here, and you can buy it here, with a whole lot of extras you can’t find in the store. If you haven’t been able to catch the whole infomercial, that’s okay, because they now have it uploaded on You Tube and you can see me in all my acting glory. :-)


I still really, really like this product, and I am sure you will, too.

here are some other Ninja Cooking System reviews that you might like to check out:

Wellsphere    Steamy Kitchen     Tiffany Haugen (and a recipe for cooking wild duck!)           The Cupcake Project (Stef tested out the mini cupcakes!)        Mom’s Own Words


Happy Ninjember! :-)

xoxo steph


to enter:

leave a name and valid email address and a comment. Winners will be randomly selected and notified via email. Here is my legalese disclaimer/disclosure. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


982 Responses to “Ninja Cooking System Giveaway (and Happy Ninjember!)”

  1. Love you website. Have been folling for awhile now since I am an avid crockpot user at home! I could not live without mine..(not would I eat) The Ninja cooker looks amazing. I would certainly use the hell out of it!

  2. I need this, I need this!! Yeah for Ninja…love their blender!

  3. Love your recipes!

  4. I’m a real estate agent in Northern Virginia. Planning my meals is imperative! Quick meals would be helpful! But healthy meals are a MUST! Having read your review and watched the video, it is clear to me that the Ninja Cooking System would be a REAL HELP to me! I could even see writing it up in my blog. Hope I win!

  5. REALLY want this new cooking system to go with my new kitchen!!!

  6. I need this in my life!

  7. thank you for sharing your recipes and now your neat gadgets too

  8. Ninja’s rock

  9. My son will use it since it will remind him of Lego Ninjago!

  10. Please!!!!!! Would love to have this crockpot!

  11. This would be a great appliance to take camping, since it does it all!

  12. This would be such a great help to me in my kitchen!! Love your site and recipes.

  13. LOVE your are my go to Crockpot Lady! I’d sure love to have a Ninja in my kitchen…my 6-year-old grandson would think it’s super cool for Grandma to have her own Ninja!

  14. This sounds fantastic! I love all your recipes too!!

  15. I would love to win this.

  16. We’ve been making meals from your site and enjoying them for over a year, and some have become real go-to recipes. Our twins are toddlers now, and we have teenage daughters, so you and your recipes have saved us more than once from time crunches. -The Ninja sounds great, and might save us even more time (besides making some really delicious stuff). Thanks Stephanie!

  17. Oh how I want this SOOOOOOO bad

  18. Love those Ninjas

  19. This would be a huge help this winter!

  20. I was just telling my husband that I want one for Christmas!

  21. I’m excited to be entered into the “Ninja Cooking System Giveaway ” I love your blog and enjoy many of the recipes you share. Thank you.

  22. I have loved the possibilities the Ninja offers since I first read about it. Just can’t seem to afford it right now.

  23. Thanks so much for all your efforts, and for the contest. The Ninja system is so tempting- anything that’d cut down on the weight and need to move ingredients from one side of the kitchen to another would help this disabled vet manage meals easier!

  24. Dear Secret Santa…I would LOVE a Ninja for Christmas! Now that I’m home with the kids I KNOW it won’t collect dust!

  25. I’ve been a fan for SUCH A LONG time. I send everyone to your site. I would love to win the Ninja.

  26. ooooh… I could use a Ninja 3-in-1 for my birthday/ Christmas!! Maybe all those years on getting gipped on birthday presents (darn December birthday) will turn luck in my favor!!!

  27. I would love to have this to cook for my family!

  28. awesome, I am intrigued

  29. Can’t trust temperatures on regular crockpots anymore. Being able to set the temp sounds like a great idea.

  30. I have decided to begin cooking for my family again as long as it is easy and quick for me. This looks like it may be just what it takes!!

  31. We are enjoying trying all of your soup recipes this month.
    They are all delicious and easy!