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Review and Giveaway! “Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple” by Chrissy Gower

October 2nd, 2012 by Lisa


 Tuesday, October 9, 2012 5pm PST.  This giveaway is now OVER.  Thank you for all of your comments!  The winner has been randomly chosen and notified via email.  Congratulations Carol C.!


Lisa Irvine writes at Lisa’s Blogety Blog. You can find her at @Lirvine98 on twitter. If you have an idea for a giveaway, please let her know!

One of the best things about my new “gig” at, is that I get to review fantastic, new cookbooks!  Have I mentioned that I’m a confirmed cookbook hoarder?

I have been wanting a copy of Paleo Slow Cooking”, by Chrissy Glower, ever since I heard about it!    Chrissy is  the writer of the wonderful blog,  Growing Up Paleo.   If there is anyone who knows about living the Paleo lifestyle, it’s Chrissy.  She and her family made the switch to eating Paleo in 2007 and they haven’t looked back.

Why did Chrissy decide to write a Paleo slow cooker book?  Because she found, like so many of us have, that cooking in a slow cooker makes it so much easier to plan nice, warm, home-cooked meals for a busy family!

I love that Chrissy shares family stories and pictures in her book.  Honestly, who wouldn’t have a smile on their face after opening up a cookbook to see this beautiful family smiling back at them?




I especially loved the story of how she came to be related to Robb Wolf ,  Author of “The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet”.   Turns out, Robb is her brother-in-law!

There are many, many great tips and tricks in “Paleo Slow Cooking”, along with quick, easy recipes that even I can follow!  The best thing about slow cooking, as we all know, is that you can throw your ingredients in the pot in the morning and go!

I was really happy to see several breakfast recipes.  I have to admit that I have a lot of trouble coming up with breakfasts that don’t involve some type of hot or cold cereal!  How many scrambled eggs can a girl eat before she gets bored?   As soon as my Italian sausage defrosts, I’m going to try “The Kitchen Sink”!


Doesn’t that look like the yummiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Other spectacular recipes include:

  • Chipotle Chicken Stew
  • Tortilla-less Chicken Soup
  • Pesto Chicken
  • Orange Maple Glazed Pork Chops
  • Stuffed Acorn Squash
  • Banana Bread (yes, made with almond flour, in the slow cooker!)
  • Chocolate Almond Butter Swirl Brownies (also made with almond flour in the slow cooker!)

If you love slow-cooking and are on or are considering trying the Paleo lifestyle, this is the cookbook you have been waiting for.

“Paleo Slow Cooking” is available right now


I am also very pleased to be able to giveaway a copy to one lucky reader!!!

To enter this giveaway, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, telling me if you are on a Paleo diet or  not and why you would like to try these Paleo recipes!

You may garner additional entries by:

  1. “Liking” Growing Up Paleo on Facebook.
  2. Following @GrowingUpPaleo on Twitter.



This giveaway will run from today (Tuesday, October 2, 2012) until Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 5pm Pacific Time.  (I wanted to make sure to give you extra time over the upcoming holiday weekend to enter!)

The winner will be contacted via email!


Best of luck to each of you!


78 Responses to “Review and Giveaway! “Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple” by Chrissy Gower”

  1. This looks like a great cook book to add to my collection of gluten free cook books! I hope that I can win it! It would also add to the fun of having our first baby tomorrow to win something that will help me to make cooking a bit easier after the baby comes home!

  2. I just bought the Ninja Cooking System and would love to use this Paleo Cookbook!

  3. This book looks great because I’ve been wanting to try gluten free cooking.

  4. I would love to use this cookbook to try to serves a better diet to my family while still using my crockpot to fit into my busy schedule.

  5. I’m not on a Paleo diet, but I’m debating starting Keto which seems very similar! I’d love to try Paleo crockpotting for me and my husband.

  6. I’m not on the Paleo diet, but I’ve heard of it. I can think of no better way to try it out than with my slow cooker!

  7. I have not tried a paleo diet, but often mention such to my daughter, whose diet is of the fast-food & convenience food type. I’m losing weight with the South Beach diet, bringing down my glucose & my blood pressure too! Maybe I could get the girl to eat better if she saw this book?

  8. I Haven’t learned too much about the paleo diet yet except that it does seem to go along the lines of being gluten free, which became a must for our family. I would absolutely love to be able to make meals in the crockpot again, which is what brought me to this site… Eh, I guess I just really miss making easy meals. Thanks for providing this chance to win this cook book.

  9. I’m not on a Paleo diet, but I have been researching Trying to get more info to see if I can talk my husband into trying it for a month. I love using my slow cooker and having an easy method to try the Paleo recipes would fit great into our schedule.

  10. I’m not strictly on a paleo diet but I’ve been reading up on it a bunch and I’d like to get closer to it.

  11. I “like” your Facebook page (FB name: Madeline Brubaker).

  12. I follow you on Twitter (@shala_darkstone).

  13. I have to eat gluten-free but my husband is resistant, and he does the cooking. My kids have trouble with wheat, but they don’t want to eat right either. I never heard about the Paleo diet until I found I want to try it. I think the crock pot is the way to go if I am going to make any progress with my family, because my husband is disabled, and I work all day. Thanks for the chance to win what sounds like a great cookbook. I will visit this site as often as I can now that I have found it. You Rock!

  14. My husband and I have done a week here and there of Paleo. It was a challenge for me to plan meals. For some reason it takes a lot of thought and planning to wrap my brain around it all! I feel like I need someone to hold my hand and show me the way! When we do take the time to plan (hubby does most of the planning, I am getting better though!) we all (our two boys included) feel so much better.

  15. Nice giveaway! My husband and I are wanting to try the Paleo diet!

  16. We eat a mostly Paleo diet with some grains occasionally, but not too many because I can tell the difference in how I feel and how the kids act :) So many crock pot meals involve rice or pasta. I’d love to have a cook book that doesn’t require me to skip recipes or worry about modifying them just to avoid the grains.

  17. Our family did the Paleo diet for about 1 year a few years ago. My husband lost some weight and we all felt better. Would love to get this cookbook to help us eat healthier easier!

  18. I have incorporated some paleo principles into my diet and love slow cooking, so I’d love to try out this cookbook.

  19. I am just digging in to Paleo and gluten free and would love this book!

  20. I’ve never even heard of the Paleo diet, but now maybe I’ll try it….

  21. I’ve been dabbling with a paleo-like diet and am interested in recipe ideas.

  22. I’m not on any diet but this one sounds interesting.

  23. Have never heard of the paleo diet but would love to read about it. The breakfast dish looks very good.

  24. I am interested in learning more about a paleo diet for my family.

  25. I have in various periods of my life done grain-free diets. At this juncture (age 44) it is becoming clear to me that I need to do the full switch to Paleo Lifestyle. I simply cannot lose weight while eating grains. Love my slow-cooker, and this book sounds like it would be a great tool to make the switch.

  26. i have not tried paleo recipes and would like to

  27. liked on fb