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Host a Give Away on

August 17th, 2012 by Stephanie O'Dea


If you are a company and would like to provide a give away, please email for availability and for a current Media Kit.


please email the following:

subject line: Give Away opportunity

to:  contact AT


The site is tied into the A Year of Slow Cooking website and Totally Together Journal. These websites reach more than 5 million people (mostly women) annually.

For more information, please see here:

screen shot of google analytics stephodea


The target audience for this website are mothers and grandmothers who are looking for food, household, entertainment, and baby/child-related products.

Stephanie will review, photograph, and upload a positive post and host a giveaway to this target audience, and will actively promote the giveaways posts through appropriate social media channels. Please limit all food to strictly gluten free products. Giveaway posts in the past have received over 1000 comments. Please see examples, here:

Thank you for your interest, and please email  contact AT  for any questions or to schedule a review and giveaway.


248 Responses to “Host a Give Away on”

  1. I need one!

  2. I have expanded so many folks to crock cooking, this would just give me ‘more’ to tempt them with! :) Please include me in the giveaway! Thanks and keep those recipes coming!

  3. I would love to try this out I am fixin to have surgery and need to eat more healthyand this sounds like it would be the right pot for me to cook healthy with thank you and god bless

    please consider me for the giveaway

  4. Would really like to try this new crock pot. What is the lowest setting it can be set at?

  5. I cook for 20+ young people…it would be so awesome to use this to help me

    please consider me for the giveaway

  6. This crockpot sounds, “too good to be true”, that’s why I want one Steph! Thanks for including me.

  7. Holy Cow that looks awesome!!!! I’m always throwing stuff in my crock and then bringing it to work. It’d be great to just cook while I work. I love that its shatterproof as I’ve been known to drop mine and had to rush out and get a new one. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  8. This looks wonderful! I would love to win this crockpot/hotplate/oven!

  9. Wow! Sounds wonderful. Hope to be able to use it soon.

  10. Slow cookers are my favorite!!! I would love to try out the NINJA! It sounds FABULOUS!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Wow! I could have so much fun with a ninja in my kitchen! Fingers crossed!

  12. Please pick me!!!!! I have tried so many of the recipes on this site..even the tamales!!! I would love to try some new crockpot recipes with this fabulous machine!!! :)

  13. Dear Stephanie –
    I was so excited to see this new product by Ninja. I have had the Ninja BL700 Blender and Food Processor Kitchen System for some time and love it! I hope I win the Ninja Slow Cooking System/Crockpot in your giveaway contest. It looks awesome and I know I will be using it all the time!
    Have a great day!
    Pattie Kelley Fuller

  14. I am so excited to try this new cooker. I have an uncanny knack for burning up my crock pots. I guess I use them toooo much! I love this web site and Stephanie you are my ROCK STAR!

  15. Ever since I saw Stephanie on GMA, I have been obsessed with my crockpots and her recipes. The Ninja looks great but to be honest, I am a bit concerned about the price. I think that I will tell my husband that I would like one for Christmas (yes, yes, I am dorky enough that I honestly would like this as a Christmas gift!!!!)

  16. i have a crockpot, but this sounds like the next step up from that, iwould love to have a ninja slow cooker system. and whats better then free. i love to get things then brag to all my friends about how good it is. and who knows some may even buy the ninja.

  17. I’m newly retired and preparing your chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight per a friends excellent review. I am interested in your new “free” giveaway…sounds like a winner, and I want to be one…thanks and good luck to me!

  18. I would love to win the new crockpot. It looks very interesting and definitely one I would use a lot. Thanks. Emj

  19. What an incredilbe site, I have been using a lot of recipes from here, i just do not post. I have two dedicated slow cooker days, I would love to have the new cooker for all the dog events I go to.thnkas

  20. I love the slow cooker receipes shared! I have been leaving my family often to help care for a sister with ovaian cancer and i’ve been able to really get good and healthy meals on the table to my kids and husband because of you guys!

    much love,

  21. Sounds as if you are truly convinced. Working and having very active children who love skating (yes cold all year round) and cross country – again, cold here in the northeast, we love our slow cooker! We often bring slow cooker items to the concession stand/fund raisers for these and for our team’s fight against Ovarian Cancer in association with Caring Together. We could feed more people.

  22. Just saw the infomercial. . .this thing looks awesome. I would love to be able to win one.

  23. Wow, great giveaway! I would love to win this. I started slow cooking after I found your site and now I am addicted!

  24. I’d love to get one of these!

  25. I would love to win this. I love your cheeseburger soup recipe.

  26. I love winning things even though I rarely do…but winning one of these would be wonderful.

  27. My crockpot is one my parents bought me when I moved out on my own, in 1994!! It still does the job but what I wouldn’t do to have a Ninja with all the awesome things! To think – a programmable crock pot, among all the totally cool other things it can do! That would be the best thing to get!

  28. I love slow cooking and am in the process of reducing the gluten in our diets for other health reasons so I love to watch my email for new posts. I’d love one of those posts to be a freebie!

  29. Thanks for the great recipes! Would love to win!!

  30. would love this crockpot/cooker

  31. Saw the infomercial this morning and it looks incredible. Love slow cooking!!!

  32. Would love to have one of these new NinjaCookers….maybe I’ll be lucky enough to win.

  33. As a working mom with 2 kids I would love to try the Ninja out. My crock pot is my friend but I would give it to a friend who needs a crock pot if i win the Ninja!!

  34. What a fabulous addition to my kitchen. I want to win the NinjaCooker.

  35. Oh My goodness would love to win this! I have been searching for this very thing!!!

  36. Would love to win! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  37. That looks like an amazing crockpot!!

  38. Holy Cow! This really is an awesome slow cooker! I work some long days as a special education teacher. Knowing that my dinner is already cooking and will be ready when I get home, will make my family and I happy campers! I would love to have a Ninja Slow Cooking System as part of my weekly routine!

  39. I would love to win this awesome looking piece of kitchen gadgetry!!!! Thanks

  40. A crockpot that you can sear the meat in? Sign me up! I hate having to dirty extra pans. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. My life would be considered complete if I owned one! Please consider me for the giveaway! I promise to give it a good home and play with it often. Thanks!!!

  42. Too cool!! Thank you for sharing with us and offering
    the Ninja as a gift. I would most certainly spend alot
    of time with this gift :))) Thx again for sharing your ideas and recipes. Happy Cooking :)))

  43. Please include me in this giveaway. The Ninja sounds like a dream.

  44. Please include me in this giveaway. I have seen the commericial on TV.