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episode 5: Michelle Stern, What’s Cooking with Kids

April 12th, 2011 by Stephanie O'Dea

Real Moms Making Real Money (at home, in their pajamas) And How You Can, Too!

Hello, and welcome back! While on a brief (a bit longer than expected…) hiatus, I was thrilled to spend some time with my friend Michelle Stern, the new cookbook author of The Whole Family Cookbook and blogger extraordinaire behind the What’s Cooking with Kids website. Michelle is ALSO the owner of a certified green business that teaches cooking classes to kids (and parents!).

and she does it all from home! in her pajamas!


In this interview, Michelle shared how she went from selling Pampered Chef products as a new mom to becoming an entrepreneur. She is a fantastic person, mother, and friend.

Not only that, she’s generous! I’ve got a brand-spanking new copy of her cookbook that I will send your way. This cookbook is in full color, has over 75 recipes and is beautifully laid-out. Michelle has color-coded all the recipes and provides instructions on how to help your children cook alongside with you. This is most definitely a hands-on teaching cookbook, and my three girls couldn’t be happier.

To enter the contest, please leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner randomly on Tuesday, April 19th.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy the interview! If you have questions for Michelle, please leave them below and I’ll make sure she gets them.

Enjoy! oxxo steph

Update: this contest has now ended. Congratulations to Lynn: This sounds like a wonderful cookbook. Iā€™d love to have this for when my two granddaughters come to visit.
Thanks for holding a drawing!

I’ll get your cookbook in the mail tomorrow morning. –steph


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99 Responses to “episode 5: Michelle Stern, What’s Cooking with Kids”

  1. This mother of 5 could use some new ideas and kitchen inspiration – hope I win!

  2. Love what you are doing here my crockpot is my new best friend.

  3. I love to cook! Tonight was Thai themed for four kids and four adults. The garlic, sesame oil red snapper was amazing. I’d love to be entered to win this cookbook!

  4. The whole family cooking??..??.. Wouldnt that be a refreshing Easter treat!

  5. Trying to feed meat-and-potatoes husband, mostly-vegetarian wife, and just-started-solids baby is tricky! We’d love some new ideas! :)

  6. The book sounds great! Thanks!

  7. great idea…thanks for sharing! I’d love some new tips on teaching my kids to cook. Thanks!

  8. I looked on the slow cooker as if it were a Lion needing tamed, and thinking – “Will this work” well it always has and like a true friend it is there for me. I find this site so helpful and always refer to it when ‘something is brewing’!!! Just Where Do You Get Your ideas from? OH Dont stop!!

  9. This looks great!

  10. Love your recipes – and my crockpot.. it’s amazing how quickly dinner prep and clean-up are now. Thank you! I’d much rather spend time with my children than in the kitchen. Although – it would be fun to spend time in the kitchen with them…

  11. As a grandmother to 5 and a lot of people around all the time, I would love to win a free copy of this book. Thanks!

  12. Meal time is battle time around here, and I need all the help I can get!

  13. Thanks for the great interviews and recipes. I enjoy it all!

  14. I love cookbooks and am always looking for new recipes for our family of 5.

  15. Hello… thanks for the great recipes for my crock pot for Easter… I’m pretty sure that my family will thank you too after dinner =)

  16. With baseball season going on and continuing through August I could sure use some fresh ideas for cooking for my family of 6! Pick ME : )

  17. Stephanie & Michelle,

    Great success in 2011! I’m enjoying reading all the info & recipes re: slow cookers! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!


  18. Good for her!

  19. Love to hear about succesfull moms. We have gotten into a rut eating the same meals everyweek due to schedules. It would be nice to have some inspiration

  20. awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  21. I wish that I could work from home in my pjs!

  22. would love another cookbook…love my crockpot ones!!

  23. Would love to win this. I’ve been cooking with my kids for almost 31 years and am looking forward to cooking with my grandkids soon!

  24. Food for real families! WOOT! I could use some help! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. would love this!!

  26. I’d love to get my kids more involved with cooking. Thanks!

  27. Happy Easter Stern family! Thank you for supporting the healthy family eating cause! Would love a chance to win!

  28. OHHHH I would just love to have this book!!!!
    What fun to dream about winning!! :-)

  29. Would love to win this! Thanks so much for offering it!

  30. I’d love to win this cookbook. It sounds great!

  31. As part of a military family sharing recipes comes with the territory. Love the crockpot ham of yours Stephanie and have referred people to your site(s) a LOT! Thanks for both of them!

    Love new cookbooks, too! šŸ˜‰

  32. Hi There.

    I have just started reading your blog and I love it! But having a cookbook for a newbie in the kitchen would help!


  33. I am in a rut and am starting to have the kids (6 & 8)help with meal prep. This book would be AWESOME!

  34. Glad I found your website, and would really enjoy the cookbook.


  35. I know that I need to let/make my kids cook with me more, but I end up getting a late start on dinner, feel rushed, and just don’t do it. I would love to have this book and get more ideas to make it fun for all of us!

  36. Cooking birthday parties sound like such a good idea!

  37. would love this cookbook, as maybe it could help me find recipes for my very picky 5-yr old.

  38. I would love to get my son and husband in he kitchen more often!

  39. My husband and I love trying new recipes and cooking with our boys. Hope we can find some new inspiration in the cookbook!

  40. This sounds like a wonderful cookbook. I’d love to have this for when my two granddaughters come to visit.
    Thanks for holding a drawing!

  41. This would be such a fun cookbook to use with my children!

  42. Being a mother, grandmother and child care provider I never run out of kids and I love having fun with them while passing along useful information and teaching new skills. It would be great to win The Whole Family Cookbook to add to my library of tools to help raise knowledgeable and healthy children. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  43. I LOVE to cook and bake! I love having my 2 1/2 year old son help me out in the kitchen too (and he’s a GREAT helper let me tell you…LOL)! Would LOVE to win this :)!!!

  44. I love to cook and would love to learn more ways to get my kids involved! Great give away – thanks!!

  45. Love my crockpot. It is a life saver when you work and want healthy meals waiting for you in the evenings.

  46. I’ve been reading all of your blogs since the beginning and am a huge fan! I’d love to win a new cookbook!

  47. I would love to win the cookbook! Thanks for hosting a giveaway. ~Michelle